Qualcomm announced the Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50), which is designed to help transportation companies manage fleet safety and regulatory compliance proactively and cost effectively.
The MCP50 offers flexible pricing plans that bundle key applications to solve specific business needs, and it is slated for commercial availability in the fall.

The MCP50 will deliver applications and features to help fleets monitor and manage compliance, while also reducing costs associated with fleet safety and operations. It includes:

* Hours of Service, an FMCSA-compliant electronic on-board recording system (EOBR);

* CSA Safety Performance Service to help fleets manage their performance under FMCSA's new SMS scoring methodology;

* Critical Event Reporting with dashboards to track and improve driving performance;

* On-board navigation;

* Analytics Manager delivers actionable information on operational performance in easy-to-use dashboards, graphs and tables; and

* Vehicle location tracking.

The Basic, Compliance, Safety and Compliance and Premium Plans offer transportation companies a choice of bundled applications. Additional applications will be available for those fleets with more extensive needs.

"Fleets that may not have previously adopted mobile information technology are now recognizing the value these systems provide in efficiently managing safety and regulatory compliance," said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. "When implementing a cost-effective system such as the MCP50, these fleets will realize the variety of additional benefits, including improved asset management, timely and reliable two-way information sharing, improved fuel efficiency and truck-specific navigation."

A key feature of the MCP50 that improves safety compliance is Qualcomm's In-Motion User Interface (IMUI), which helps minimize driver distraction by restricting the visual displays that drivers can see while the vehicle is in motion. Based on the driver's log-in status, the IMUI disables the ability to type or read messages when the vehicle is in motion. The MCP50 also incorporates a text-to-speech feature so drivers can receive and listen to messages without having to pull off the road. All applications are integrated so the system will automatically display the application with the most time-sensitive information to the driver in the least distractive way.

More info: mcp50.qualcomm.com