Broken Bolt introduced its custom ISX broken bolt removal kit. The Cummins ISX engine demands a specialized kit to address its unique characteristics and exhaust manifold maintenance procedures.

"We have seen extremely high demand for the ISX kit among fleet companies. Its ability to save time and cut maintenance costs associated with exhaust manifold issues, can increase company profits almost immediately," said Luke Dubay, partner at Broken Bolt.

Common maintenance problems associated with broken bolts on the ISX engine can take days to repair and can often require engine removal from the vehicle.

"Now instead of taking at least three hours it only takes us about 15 minutes to drill out the bolts," said Jason Isaacs of Motor Carrier Service, Inc.

The kit aligns perfectly over the holes and allows broken bolts to be drilled out with ease. In addition, the broken bolt kit provides instructions to avoid drilling into water jackets, a common and costly mistake when performing this type of maintenance procedure. This savings alone can exceed $4,000.

Made in the USA, the ISX broken bolt removal kit provides businesses with the ability to recover from broken bolt issues quickly.

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