A smaller, less intrusive obstructive sleep apnea therapy system will soon be available from Somnetics, LLC. Called Transcend, the device offers patients an innovative replacement to their old-fashion, cumbersome CPAP machines.

According to Ralph Germscheid, President of Somnetics, LLC, the maker of Transcend, "We've developed a completely new kind of therapy system. Transcend is FDA-approved and weighs approximately one pound. Its compact design, unique patent-pending heat moisture exchange technology, and portable power options make it ideal for travel and provide users with convenience and mobility not available from existing CPAP machines."

According to patient testimonials supplied by Somnetics, "this device is more comfortable than my current CPAP," said one patient. "I like to sleep with the window open. If I did that with my existing CPAP, the mask would fill up with water. With Transcend that doesn't happen."

Another patient commented, "The HME is remarkable. There's no dripping water. It's really sweet."

Transcend is smaller and less bulky than CPAPs consist of a machine, a humidifier, six-foot hose, power cord, and mask. Packing a CPAP is cumbersome, especially when space is a premium. When flying, a CPAP means another carry-on bag. Transcend uses a short hose and measures about the size of a 12-ounce package of coffee beans. It is small and compact enough to fit into a carry-on, rather than be a separate carry-on.

Transcend fits comfortably on the head and delivers vibration-free therapy. These unique features allow easy movement while sleeping and prevent mask leakage, problems often associated with standard CPAP systems.

Transcend uses a small, disposable hygienic heat moisture exchanger in place of a chamber humidifier found with traditional CPAPs. The HME captures moisture from the patient's exhaled breath, which provides warm humidification to prevent nose irritation and congestion. Though HME technology is used every day in ventilators found in hospital critical care and surgical departments, Transcend is the first sleep apnea therapy system to fully accommodate this technology, the company claims.

Because Transcend uses HME technology instead of a chamber humidifier, a low amount of power is needed to provide a full night's restorative sleep with humidification -- even when using a battery pack.

Transcend has few parts to clean. HME technology eliminates the cleaning and sanitation issues associated with conventional CPAP humidifiers and the HME is disposable. Transcend's "dry mode" feature blows air through the system to dry it at the end of each use and LED lights alert the patient when it's time to replace the inlet filter.

Transcend and its accessories will be available for sale online beginning on January 21, 2011, by the following dealers: CPAP.com, CPAP Supply USA, CPAPXchange.com, and Direct Home Medical. Transcend comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. Health insurance coverage is dependent on each individual patient's plan; each patient must check with the medical equipment dealer to determine if his/her insurance can be used to purchase Transcend.

More info: http://somnetics.com.