Xata Corporation has announced that Barcoding, Inc. has become an authorized reseller of Xata 's fleet management solutions.
Barcoding will be offering Xata's flagship solutions -- Xata Turnpike and Xatanet -- to its 2,500 customers, which represent a variety of industries, including direct store delivery, energy, food and beverage, healthcare, and retail distribution.

"As a leader in supply chain logistics, Barcoding is excited to bring Xata's class-leading technology to our distribution customers," said Ken Currie, director of marketing and business development at Barcoding, Inc. "By partnering with Xata we are able to offer our customers the 360-degree, real-time information they need to improve every aspect of their fleet operations."

Xata Turnpike takes just 10 minutes to install and operates on a variety of mobile devices such as cell phones and smartphones. More robust, Xatanet is ideal for fleets that want added functionality, such as speed management and professional-grade, turn-by-turn navigation.

Both solutions offer easy-to-use electronic driver logs, fuel-tax reporting, manager alerts, route tracking and more, as well as a variety of tools designed to increase both private and for-hire driver and vehicle productivity.

"We're pleased to offer our powerful, easy-to-use solutions to Barcoding's customers," said Christian Schenk, vice president, product marketing, Xata. "And we look forward to helping fleets of all sizes reduce costs, improve safety and compliance, increase customer satisfaction and realize a quantifiable return on their investment. Clients can also benefit from Barcoding's integration and implementation services, which facilitate faster implementations and an even quicker ROI."

More info: www.xata.com

More info: www.barcoding.com.