Carrier Logistics Inc. now offers its customers Cheetah Express from Cheetah Software Systems, Inc. Cheetah Express offers menu-driven, automated wireless transfer of information between drivers on the road and the central CLI Facts transportation management system.

"The new partnership with Cheetah provides Facts users with a valuable connection between drivers on the road and the system," said Ken Weinberg, vice president of CLI. "Sophisticated carriers are connecting their drivers with Facts using today's advanced mobile units," he said. "This way, shippers tracing a shipment will know immediately that delivery has been made. Transportation companies, too, can better plan how to staff their dock requirements more accurately because they have complete and detailed information on all pickups."

The Cheetah wireless solution, depending on the capabilities of the mobile device, can accomplish signature capture, onboard communications, updates on status of pickups and deliveries, GPS location, phone calls, and bar code reading, according to Jeff Groenke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cheetah. More advanced automated and optimized routing, scheduling, and customer service can also be added.

"The partnership will help our joint customers enhance driver communications and enjoy real-time access to delivery and pickup information," he said. "The CLI/Cheetah integration will make communications between drivers and dispatchers instantaneous and thorough, and dramatically improve the service our customers provide to their customers."

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