After proving its utility in specialty markets including the U.S. Military, Broken Bolt now plans to market its bolt extraction kits to truck fleets and others across the country.

It is said to improve the efficiency and functionality of broken bolt removal, thus streamlining operations and reducing unplanned maintenance and repair costs.

"This particular tool has been very successful in its local market" said Luke Dubay, partner at Broken Bolt. "It has proven to help the age old problem of how to remove broken bolts."

"This tool literally paid for itself the very first time we used it," said William Belden of Belden Asphalt Paving Company. "Since then, we have used the tool both in the shop and on job sites and it's a great time saver. We now can get broken bolts out in under 15 minutes by using this tool without any damage to the threads."

The 60-piece Broken Bolt Extraction Kits are made in the USA, and are available in three kits (small, large, and combo). Contents include the bolt extraction arms, high speed cobalt drill bits, tap wrenches, tap drills, drill bushings, hardened washers, and a plastic case for storage, mobility, and easy access.

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