Telogis has integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems data from Navteq into its Telogis GeoBase geospatial platform.

The platform uses Navteq map data and integrates its Enhanced Geometry, Slope and Height, and Curvature products. This integration allows application developers to build advanced enterprise software solutions that improve driver safety, fuel efficiency and performance.

The Telogis GeoBase geospatial mapping engine goes beyond longitude and latitude to use topographical data that improves driver and asset safety. Incorporating this data into the platform allows for features such as adaptive/predictive cruise control, lane departure warnings, collision avoidance and speed adaptation technology to be built into routing/navigational applications.

"ADAS data brings a whole new depth to the Telogis GeoBase platform that allows enterprise telematics application developers to add functionality and performance that hasn't been available outside of consumer applications," says Newth Morris, president, Telogis. "Whether built by the OEM or added as an aftermarket platform, these capabilities will lower fleet operating costs and optimize routing/dispatching functions in almost all trucking applications."

ADAS data factors in terrain to determine the best route based on distance, height, curvature and slope to enable fuel efficient routes. Adaptive cruise control helps a truck engine to run at its optimal speed, which lowers fuel use and leads to substantial savings over time. Dispatchers and fleet managers will also be able to take terrain into account when calculating which truck/crew would be most efficiently routed to a delivery or site.

Integration of ADAS data with Telogis GeoBase allows for applications to be built in a way that ties the truck's operating systems to a broad set of variables to provide safe and optimized operation. This technology is also ideal for hybrid fleets to further improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Applications built on the Telogis GeoBase platform include route optimization, fleet management, navigation, mapping, customized GIS overlays, geocoding, reverse geocoding and geofencing.