Xata Turnpike's flagship product, RouteTracker, is now available in Canada, exclusively on Rogers Communications Inc.'s nationwide network.

Xata Turnpike's RouteTracker electronic onboard recorder transmits GPS and vehicle data to the truck driver's handheld device and sends it back to the Xata Turnpike database, from which customers can access their fleet information and generate reports.

Customers on Canada's Rogers network can now run Xata Turnpike's TP Mobile on their handheld devices. This provides users compliance management functions, such as electronic hours-of-service logs, speed management and CSA risk scorecards, as well as fuel savings and driver productivity data.

"Business mobility is critical to operating an efficient fleet," said Christian Schenk, vice president, product marketing, Xata Corp. "Xata Turnpike's solution running on Rogers' vast wireless network gives companies and drivers the ability to monitor and manage fleet operations at an affordable price and with unparalleled network service."

Xata Turnpike's product and service offerings are available for no upfront costs, just a monthly subscription fee with no long-term commitment. Xata Turnpike offers a flexible platform that enables users to integrate data with the other third-party applications they are already using to manage operations.

More info: www.xataturnpike.com.