Rand McNally announced significant enhancements to its IntelliRoute Software integration with TMWSuite and TruckMate operations software, both from TMW Systems.

In a move to bring more precise routing technology to its joint customers, this integration will allow mutual customers to access the address-to-address calculations offered in the IntelliRoute Dock2Dock product.

Rand McNally's IntelliRoute Dock2Dock software allows fleets to navigate on city and inter-neighborhood streets. The software provides nearly 7 million miles of U.S. truck-attributed roads made up of 24.3 million unique road segments. The routing takes trucks from the address of origin to the destination's dock and boasts coverage across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

IntelliRoute also routes by truck type across all of Rand McNally's standard routing methodologies, including HHG, Practical and Lowest Cost. IntelliRoute Dock2Dock takes navigation one step further by providing both physical restrictions, such as truck height and weight, as well as legal restrictions, such as turn limitations and truck-specific speed limits, to help minimize out-of-route miles and maximize fuel efficiency. It allows carriers to calculate a truck-routable distance between two precise physical addresses for a specific asset type.