Trojan Battery Company has partnered with Bergstrom as the Absorbed Glass Mat option to power its Nite no-idle thermal environment systems with Trojan's OverDrive AGM 31 batteries.
Bergstrom's Nite Plus, Nite Phoenix and Nite Day Cab products will use the OverDrive system.

"Trojan's OverDrive AGM 31 battery is designed specifically to meet the heavy-duty cycling requirements of battery-powered, idle-elimination systems like the Nite climate solutions," said Elke Hirschman, vice president of marketing for Trojan Battery.

The Trojan OverDrive AGM 31 battery is a sealed deep cycle, absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery specifically engineered for powering no-idle HVAC systems over long periods of time. Built on proprietary deep cycle technology, the OverDrive AGM 31 battery is optimized for high power density. Its heavy-duty cycling and deep discharge characteristics allow the OverDrive to provide a steady current in excess of 10 hours, effectively maintaining power to the APU system.

According to Trojan, the ongoing implementation of emissions legislation across the U.S. has increased the need for no-idle equipment that provides power for heating and air conditioning in the sleeper cab without the main engine running. Battery-based systems, Trojan says, are cost effective and regulatory-compliant.

Equipped with a thicker, more robust plate and a heavy-duty grid, a true deep cycle battery like Trojan's OverDrive is designed to perform optimally in APU applications, giving the battery a longer lifetime with a stable capacity.

As battery-powered, no-idling systems, the CARB-approved Nite units are able to generate high BTU cooling capacity without sending emissions into the environment.

"With their excellent AGM battery technology we're able to offer a broader range of battery choices to our no-idle solutions," said Bill Gordon, national director of aftermarket sales and global marketing for Bergstrom. "The Trojan OverDrive battery represents the perfect addition to our full line of systems and accessories adding a cycling AGM alternative to other battery options such as the lithium ion battery that is currently under development."

In addition, the OverDrive will be made available through truck dealers' respective OES parts programs. Bergstrom affiliated aftermarket parts dealerships, including Alliance Parts, Paccar Parts, PartSmart Parts and Volvo Mack Parts, will have access to Trojan's OverDrive AGM 31, for use in sleeping berths of heavy-duty truck makers.

The OverDrive AGM 31 comes with a 30-month warranty and is supported nationally through Trojan's master distributor network.

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