Safeguard Technology, which provides anti-slip solutions, offers Direct Gritting to prefabricated truck parts, including truck steps, bus ramps, trim assemblies and all vehicle access areas that pose a potential risk for slips and falls.

While manufacturers and end-users typically install retrofit covers either mechanically, or by using an adhesive, with Direct Gritting, customers supply their parts (or an engineered drawing for fabrication), and Safeguard applies its hi-traction anti-slip surface directly to the specified area. Direct Gritting helps reduce installation time, weight and the need to stock extra parts, the company says.

"There is a common misconception that diamond plate is an antislip solution," said Erick Schuetz, Safeguard Technology manager of sales and marketing. "Diamond plate looks great on the side of a fire truck in a parade, but it offers little-to-no slip resistance. If you introduce water or oil, diamond plate becomes treacherous. Direct Gritting precludes the need for diamond plate by substituting flat steel. It saves material costs while providing the highest quality antislip surface on the market."

Direct Gritting is available in all of Safeguard's standard and premium colors, as well as Photoluminescent "Glow-in-the-Dark" and custom color matches. With Direct Gritting, customers can combine colors for a two-tone configuration; incorporate custom messaging, logos and personal protective equipment symbols; and choose from a variety of grit levels to meet their application requirements.

Direct Gritting is ideal for industrial and transportation applications.

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