ALK Technologies has released the newest version of its PC*Miler Web Services 24, its hosted interfacing application that provides map data and functionality on a Web platform.
It's a standardized way of embedding PC*Miler's truck-specific routes, mileage, maps, and reports with third-party Web Services, and .Net applications.

"Users can access the powerful data and functionality of PC*Miler 24 over the Internet, integrated into their own web-based systems or websites," said Alice Elgrim, director of sales for PC*Miler Solutions. "Either way, PC*Miler Web Services provides the most accurate data and valuable services in a way that actually reduces IT costs."

PC*Miler Web Services incorporates all of the features and benefits of PC*Miler 24, to reduce out-of-route mileage and calculate precise truck-specific toll costs based on vehicle weight and axle count. The service also offers multiple version capabilities.

The system encompasses 627,000 new and updated North American truck restrictions and 21,700 miles of new and updated truck-restricted roadway. The recently updated map data includes 3.52 million commercial truck restrictions, such as bridge heights, clearances and load limits. Its 427,600 urban road designations help keep commercial vehicles out of city centers and on designated truck-through routes around the city.

The new version includes a Least Cost Routing feature to generate routes based on custom fuel efficiency settings, operating cost settings and other corporate priorities. Also included is a Greenhouse Gas emissions estimator to factor in carbon footprint calculations.

Users can also generate comparison reports to compare different routes, and they can also display routes on the map at the same time. The version also includes free quarterly updates of U.S. ZIP codes.

An ALK-designed, hosted and maintained Graphical User Interface (GUI) is also available that includes the service's features and functionality.

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