Through a strategic partnership with Germany's Kruse Group, Prime Lube will manufacture BlueSky diesel exhaust fluid for distribution across 12 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces.

DEF technology is required for use with selective catalytic reduction, one of the technologies used to meet emissions standards under EPA 2010.

As part of the arrangement, Kruse will provide Prime Lube with the manufacturing equipment and raw materials, namely automotive grade urea, to produce BlueSky DEF for sale to Prime Lube's fuel and lubricant distributor network throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. New Jersey-based Prime Lube will begin production of BlueSky DEF in June.

"With DEF now mandated by the EPA to control diesel emissions, our customers will be able to save money through reduced transportation costs by buying locally and help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the distance required for delivery," said Robert Arbasetti, chief operating officer of Prime Lube.

Kruse is currently expanding into other U.S. markets.

BlueSky is ISO and API approved for its ability to help neutralize the nitrous oxide emissions generated through diesel exhaust.

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