Hendrickson Bumper and Trim announced the latest Aero Clad bumper for the Freightliner Cascadia.

Hendrickson Aero Clad bumpers combine the durability of high-strength stainless steel polished to a mirror finish with lightweight aluminum and proprietary manufacturing processes. The result, the company says, is an environmentally friendly alternative to chrome plating.

The bright mirror finish is 10 times thicker than chrome, so the Aero Clad bumpers resist corrosion, peeling, cracking, pitting and fading, according to Hendrickson. They also offer increased ground clearance.

The Aero Clad bumpers have been proven on Freightliner FLD, FLD-Classic, Columbia and Century Class S/T models, Hendrickson notes.

"The Hendrickson Aero Clad bumper only enhances the Cascadia's sleek styling and durability while maintaining excellent aerodynamic properties," said Melissa Clausen, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. "Owner-operators in particular will appreciate the bumper's distinctive look and enhanced performance."

The Hendrickson Aero Clad bumper for Cascadia is available this spring at Freightliner dealers and will be announced as a data book option in the fall of 2010.

More info: www.freightlinertrucks.com