Donna Creekmore, a former assistant to two vice presidents at Arrow Trucking, has launched a new service that provides a way for drivers to have a paper trail of all their documentation.
RoadPro Services is an online document retention service, where drivers can upload, fax or scan their side of any issue as it happens.

Following Arrow Trucking's demise at the end of last year, Creekmore saw a need for this type of service, as the carrier's DAC reporting shut down and all drivers' records were sealed. Drivers had no employment verification through Arrow, and had trouble getting jobs because of it, Creekmore said.

For $5 a month, drivers can go onto the RoadPro Services web site and upload their documents for safe keeping. This way, if a review comes up or there's some kind of an incident, the driver has a record of his side of the story; not everything is coming from DAC. Currently, "[drivers] have nothing to back their stories with," Creekmore said.

The service also provides a benefit to the carriers themselves, who will have a full picture of what happened; this will be particularly useful when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implements its Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010, she said. "In order to be fair across the board, they need to be fair on both sides."

In addition, Creekmore said DAC is wrong much of the time. "My DAC is wrong," said Creekmore, who use to drive a truck herself.

When drivers sign up for the service, they can fill out two forms: a general sign-up form, which includes their name, contact information, any documents they want to upload, etc.; and an incident form, which could be anything they need to get a paper trail on. The incident form does not include things involving damage to the vehicle.

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