PeopleNet has expanded its partnership with Maptuit Corp. for an integrated solution that allows dispatch, geofencing and in-cab navigation to work together.

"This unique integration between NaviGo, the dispatch system, and our Pacos geofencing and automated messaging application takes driver efficiency and accuracy to a new level," says PeoplNet's Matt Voda, vice president of product management.

Instead of having the driver enter addresses for each stop, the automated workflow captures the actual arrival time at each stop and prompts the driver to be routed to the next stop through in-cab navigation. The driver's stop information is automatically sent to NaviGo, and initiation of the next route is automated as the driver leaves a location -- all without any driver interaction.

The system also provides Maptuit's various NaviGo Fuel enhancements as well as hazardous materials routing. Navigo Fuel includes the option to search for the best fuel stations within a given radius or along a designated route. These stations can be dynamically sorted by the current fuel price at the pump, or within a fleet's specific network if that fleet has negotiated its own discount fuel prices.