Professional drivers and motorists can now locate the nearest Pilot Travel Center anywhere in North America with a new free iPhone application introduced this month to users of the mobile platform.

"We appreciate the fact that many loyal Pilot customers only look for Pilot Travel Centers when they are on the road, and this online tool makes it very easy to find the closest location," said Lynsay Caylor, social media marketing manager for the company.

Caylor said Pilot plans to add the Pilot Travel Center Locator service to Windows Mobile and Android platforms in the near future.

To find the nearest locations, users enter the city, state or zip code, and the locations will pop up on the handset screen. The information will include the traveler's distance from the location, restaurant information and the phone number. Locations can also be opened in Google maps to receive turn-by-turn directions to that store.

"We will refine the app and include changes in new versions in the future," said Ken Parent, senior vice president of operations and marketing for Pilot. "We want to make it better for customers, so we encourage them to give us feedback."

The app also will help travelers and professional drivers find Pilot franchise or network locations, including Road Ranger, Bosselman and Town Pump.

Caylor said the online Pilot Travel Center Locator services may allow Pilot to replace the current printed travel guide to Pilot locations across the country.

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