Yokohama Tire Corporation's new waste and sanitation tire, the MY627W, was designed for vehicle operations that require a high load-carrying capacity per tire.
Yokohama's new MY627W was built to handle waste haul operations.
Yokohama's new MY627W was built to handle waste haul operations.
The tire will be available in June.

The MY627W, designed for waste pick-up operations, "can reduce operating costs because of its great durability and longevity, plus it's highly retreadable," said John Cooney, Yokohama director of commercial sales. "It offers the strength needed for heavy loads, with a design that helps reduce heat in stop-and-go driving. Additionally, it features a tread compound that's resistant to chips and cuts, making it extremely durable."

The tire features a wide outside rib with extra-wide serpentine grooves, which resist tears, and a unique surface shape to improves traction. Sidewall indentations dissipate heat during stop-and-go driving to prolong casing life and maintain the integrity of the rubber. In addition, an angled double wave outside groove sustains rib rigidity and reduces stone penetration.

Other features include sidewall armor for an extra layer of highly durable rubber, wider tread depth and a special tread compound with anti-chip and anti-cut qualities.

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