Affiliated Computer Services now enables commercial drivers to image and process paperwork from any location that has cell phone coverage by using a first-of-its-kind smart phone application.

Drivers can submit their paperwork remotely while on the road using the ACS TripPak Mobile smart phone application. Using their smart phone camera and a specially designed clipboard, drivers capture and send high-quality images of their paperwork. The documents are sent through the ACS TripPak processing portal, which records the image and forwards it to the appropriate department within a specific fleet for processing.

"This new smart phone mobile solution is the first of its kind and supports ACS' commitment to make life on the road easier for drivers, while creating a better bottom line for carriers," said Kelley Walkup, division vice president and general manager for ACS.

This technology decreases days outstanding for invoices and improves cash flow for fleets, by providing drivers a new option for capturing documents while on the road and getting paid more quickly while avoiding out-of-route miles.

ACS will demonstrate this new solution during the 2010 Truckload Carriers Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas this week.