Qualcomm has added Maptuit's NaviGo Fuel and NaviGo Hazmat features to its NaviGo In-Cab Navigation service on the Mobile Computing Platform Series.

NaviGo Fuel provides information on fuel stations and their associated fuel prices within a customer-configurable radius or corridor along the truck's route. Search results are returned based on the fuel stop's proximity to the vehicle's current location. In addition to selecting which fuel data feed they would like to use, customers also have the option of leveraging their own custom fuel network.

With NaviGo Hazmat routing service, the driver is routed using a hazmat trunk network consisting of only Surface Transportation Assistance Act roads. The truck is routed around hazmat-forbidden roads based on the criteria for specified hazardous material.

"Fuel and hazardous materials information are critical to the efficiency of any fleet," said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing at Qualcomm Enterprise Services. "Combined with our current NaviGo In-Cab Navigation service, NaviGo Fuel and NaviGo Hazmat provide drivers and the back office with data designed to improve productivity by streamlining the navigation process."

Maptuit's NaviGo, available on Qualcomm's MCP 100 and 200 Series, is a near real-time, hybrid in-cab navigation solution that uses both on-board and server-based computing power to provide accurate maps and truck safe routes. Drivers access an interactive navigation application providing optimal map viewing options for day and night using a built-in, in-motion interface.

Qualcomm's on-board mobile application server houses the NaviGo applications and maps. Intensive route computations are processed by Maptuit's server farm and are delivered seamlessly over-the-air.

More info: www.qualcomm.com