OTC, an SPX Brand, has introduced the new Differential Mounting Adapter, designed to facilitate the removal and installation of differentials in heavy-duty trucks.
The new Differential Mounting Adapter has a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds.
The new Differential Mounting Adapter has a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Compatible with OTC's Low Lift Transmission Jack, High Lift Transmission Jack and Stinger Transmission Jack, the adapter mounts easily using existing bolt patterns. It fits most common differentials.

"One of the great challenges in developing the 553516 was finding the optimal balance between size and stability, while also ensuring technicians could still use it effectively, given the small amount of clearance they deal with when working beneath a vehicle," said Eric Adamson, product manager of equipment and heavy-duty tools. "Our design provides a full half-ton of rated lifting capacity, while also enabling the technician to mount it to a wide range of transmission jacks. A differential is a heavy and awkward piece of equipment to remove or install, and has many moving components that need to be secured properly to ensure safe handling of the unit."

The adapter has a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds. When paired with the OTC 5019A 2,000-pound Capacity Transmission Jack, which has a low lifting height of just 8.25 inches, the adapter provides technicians with a highly stable platform that can reach into confined spaces beneath a vehicle. It features a secure mounting point for the yoke and can be easily adjusted to fit the widest possible range of differentials that a shop is likely to encounter.

More info: www.otctools.com