Navistar has launched a Customer Parts Recovery program, which allows customers to return new, unused parts from the stock to receive cash or credit for future purchases.

By working with their U.S. or Canadian International or IC Bus dealer, customers can return unused inventory, overstocks or obsolete parts in order to capitalize on available credit, regardless of prior purchase history.

As part of the agreement, customers receive 25 percent of the value of the products returned to use toward future parts purchases, customers are required to purchase a predetermined amount of parts over a specified period of time. Upon completion of this agreement, customers will receive the full credit amount for their return.

"CPR goes beyond a loyalty program and becomes a way that our customers can secure real working capital from unused outdated parts," said Michael Cancelliere, senior vice president and general manager for Navistar Parts in North America. "If someone turns in $10,000 worth of parts that have just been gathering dust, we take them and immediately give them $2,500 in cash or credit towards their parts purchases. They can get the full value of those parts back by fulfilling program purchase commitments."

The CPR program will provide credit through any card in Navistar's Fleet Charge network to track parts purchases and corresponding credit amounts.

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