TransCore has upgraded its Logistics Software with three new modules, including the Carrier Pay Rate Calculator and other business analytics tools.

The Carrier Pay Rate Calculator is designed to help brokers take control when selecting a carrier. The solution works by analyzing the carrier's bid, including accessorial charges, the shipper's rate, and calculates the profitability of the load. With a user interface, the broker can negotiate with his carrier and decide on a final rate.

A new Dispatch Control Screen provides carrier history, lane rates, customer credit status, other information on one screen, giving brokers and 3PLs full visibility to match loads.

The third module, Report Writer, takes standard reports and turns them into intuitive, visual information on Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSO) and other critical customer and carrier trends.

"We've provided brokers and 3PLs productivity tools that take additional advantage of our single entry system that covers operations and accounting," said Steve Blair, general manager, TransCore Transportation Management.

"Regardless of who enters the data, that single entry is leveraged into useful information by dispatchers, finance, and management alike," he added. "Not only does this cut down on human error, it also expedites the profitable movement of freight while lowering overhead."

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