Pennsylvania-based Trion, an employee benefits and administration provider, has introduced a suite of employee health care programs aimed at reducing the overall employee benefits spend for fleet owners

Trion has partnered with pharmacy benefits manager Medco to pinpoint the most common medical conditions among truckers, including heart disease, neurological disorders and diabetes. The company has developed a transportation industry-specific pharmacy model to reduce prescription costs for corresponding treatments.

Through the program, pharmacists encourage employees to adhere to medical treatment, which can often prevent hospitalization and reduce overall health care costs.

"Leveraging the buying power of a coalition across the transportation industry, Trion helps fleet operators save an average of 8 to 10 percent on prescription costs, and that's a visible impact on their bottom line even if their workforce isn't in optimal health," said John Forde of Trion. "Engaging in employee wellness programs and other proactive measures for improving the lifestyle of employees can further drive down costs."

In addition to the pharmacy initiative, Trion offers other employee benefits programs to help fleets cut down on health care costs, including consulting, wellness programs, voluntary benefits, and benefits administration.

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