Hammar Lift, Laguna Niguel, Calif., has introduced its new Sidelifter system, a driver-operated tool for loading, transporting, off-loading and transferring ISO standard intermodal containers and flats

Using a remote control, the Hammar Sidelifter Series 195 operates using a pair of hydraulic powered cranes on each end of a semi-trailer chassis or a rigid truck. The cranes are built to lift empty or full containers from the ground or other vehicles, horizontally. According to the company, one model in the line can stack one container on top of another.

"I am fascinated by the Hammar Sidelifter's revolutionary design, practicality, ease of use and the fact that you don't need to invest in a forklift with the capacity to move or lift a loaded container," said Mike Ryan, owner of Fast Trucks, who will demonstrate the technology at the upcoming Truck Show Latino. "Current trailer designs tilt and dump, which can upset the load and put stress on trailers not designed to have a loaded box dragged across their surface."

The Sidelifter can pick up either one 20-foot or 40-foot loaded container or even two 20-foot containers at the same time. The system is designed to lift up to 33 metrics tons, or 72,600 pounds. Larger and smaller versions are available. The Sidelifter can be delivered with a telescopic "trombone" chassis, which allows the unit to expand and contract in order to accommodate 20-foot to 48-foot containers.

More info: www.hammarlift.com