Trackwell ADS has developed a new web site to provide users with increased information about the company's products.

Trackwell ADS, which specializes in mobile resource management and fleet management systems, created the new tool to give companies more insight into the products, solutions and features it has to offer.

Trackwell ADS is the U.S. subsidiary of Iceland-based TrackWell. TrackWell products are used in 19 countries on five continents.

"We are excited to be able to provide details about our products, solutions and custom features to those seeking to improve their fleet operations," said Tom Lemke, executive vice president of Trackwell ADS. "It has been my goal to greatly expand our products and services to our markets and this new web site showcases our efforts."

The company's products include Trackwell Fleet, Trackwell Messenger, and Trackwell Sky, Trackwell Nav and Trackwell Route, to name a few.

"Our mission is to continue providing low cost, easy to use, scalable systems with the functionality only seen before in much higher cost and more complex systems," said Lemke.

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