Titan Trailers has designed the new Titan Kicker Plate, a device to aid in the safe offloading of materials out of Titan's line of trailers
. The Kicker Plate can keep drivers out of the back of the trailer, as it literally "kicks" compressed materials away from the wall of the trailer as they are being offloaded.

"This latest innovation from Titan will improve their productivity and turnaround time," said Mike Kloepfer, Titan Trailers president. "With rising costs, this has never been more important."

The 120-pound durable aluminum plate changes the flow of material from falling backward to falling forward. The device is hinged at the top of the rear of the trailer. This makes the load easier to unload and clean up.

"With this new safety innovation installed, operators will no longer have to stand at the rear of the load or behind the V-Plow while it's being discharged, nor will they have to waste time clearing up left-over material manually," said Kloepfer. "What's more, a clean trailer will allow operators to pick up another load on the way back, increasing their bottom-line."

More info: www.titantrailers.com