Oil Purification Systems is rolling out its new Eco-Pur System in September, a supplemental filtration system that uses electronic controls to optimize the cleaning process and filter out solid and liquid contaminants.
According to the company, fleets that use the system can extend oil drain intervals by as much as five times.

"The Eco-Pur is the result of rigorous design standards and more than 12 months of extensive laboratory and field testing," said Bill Priest, vice president of engineering for OPS.

The Eco-Pur system has electronic components in place that monitor temperature and flow to improve the evaporation process based on an engine's real-time operation. The system can also be configured based on a piece of equipment's specifications. It comes with minimal hardware to install and a six-position integrated bracket.

In order to find the best filter for a company's equipment, OPS customizes a plan for each customer, analyzing preventive maintenance practices, a company's maintenance goals for the future and a comprehensive return on investment analysis.

"Using our very successful OPS-1 system as a foundation, we have developed a product that helps companies significantly reduce oil maintenance costs," said Greg Slawson, CEO for OPS.

More info: www.ops-1.com