Truck Parts Solutions has developed a set of websites to help companies get their inventories of heavy-duty truck parts out there.

"Many parts distributors don't know how many people are actually out there looking for hard-to-find heavy-duty truck parts," said Scott Tetz, president of Truck Parts Solutions. "We get calls and emails every day from people across the country trying to locate an elusive part for their heavy-duty truck."

One of the websites,, consists of heavy-duty truck parts being sold by businesses and individuals. Sellers can upload their entire inventory to the site for a monthly fee.

Meanwhile, customers can search the site for parts, viewing one part at a time. The buyer then contacts the seller directly.

"Over the years I've talked with many different companies struggling to sell their truck parts," Tetz said. "Their options were limited. They were faced with getting rid of their slow-moving inventory by selling it at a discount, auctioning it, returning it to the vendor, or scrapping it altogether at a loss. But instead, they used our website, sold their surplus truck parts quickly and made a profit."

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