CogniFit, a company that provides brain fitness programs, has developed a suite of brain training software that provides assessments and personalized training for drivers
, including CogniFit Fleet Driver, CogniFit New Driver and CogniFit Senior Driver.

The company developed the new programs aimed at drivers because the brain is not intended to operate at highway speeds and the task is one of the most cognitively-challenging activities of modern life, according to the company. Drivers need an average of three years to develop the initial cognitive skills needed to drive safely. The company says that by improving basic cognitive skills, drivers can accelerate brain development for safe driving.

Through these programs, drivers are assessed for the cognitive and personality traits that go along with safe driving. The programs also include an online training session designed to meet an individual's needs. A second assessment tracks the changes in the driver's abilities. The software covers training for 12 skills, including 10 cognitive and two personality.

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