Polaris Laboratories has revamped its web site with expanded fluid analysis information as well as guidance on managing an effective testing program
. The site is also easier to navigate, the company says.

Polaris intended the redesign to improve the user's experience and provide a more personal connection to the company.

"Our customers continually tell us that the site is a tremendous source of technical information - that we've become a very reliable 'go-to' source for direction on fluid analysis," said Jacque Powers, director of marketing and communications for Polaris Laboratories. "So we've added even more content on a variety of topics from how to start a testing program to information on our newest products like program reviews and assessments and equipment list management."

The homepage now directs customers to the company's newest products and services as well as Horizon, where they can view and manage their fluid analysis data. Using Horizon, a web-based reporting application, customers can view test results and maintenance recommendations almost immediately after samples are processed. The service also leads users to several management reports, which they can use to keep sampling on track, identify equipment problems by make, model and manufacturer and document data that can influence future equipment purchases.

More info: polarislabs.com