Trans-Lucent Markets, a North American provider of transportation expense management solutions, has launched a new version of its AccuFreight Transportation Expense Management Solution
. In addition to taking advantage of the product enhancements, Trans-Lucent has licensed the upgraded technology so that managers can personally handle their freight spend in-house.

"Licensing our technology is a major change in our business that will help support our customers even further," said Shelina Lalani, president. "It is a perfect option for companies who already have the human resources to manage functions, but are in need of the technology. It is also an excellent solution for companies who are in desperate need of a TEMS but are concerned about data confidentiality when outsourcing the information. With the licensed technology they have the power of the tool and can keep all data in-house."

Version 3.0 of the system gives managers the ability to build and save trending reports and schedule them by e-mail to a specific time of the day, week or month. Trans-Lucent has also added the ARM 3, or rate manager, application within the package as opposed to being available separately.

Trans-Lucent will automatically upgrade current customers to the new version.

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