Transportation Costing Group has made several upgrades to its Customer Profitability Tools
in an effort to meet customers' needs.

Version 4.3 of its Truckload Cost Information System includes enhancements to its Fuel-On-The-Fly feature as well as its Report Writer.

"The latest in a long series of upgrades to our TL/CIS solution significantly expands profitability analysis and reporting," said Ken Manning, president of TCG. "These upgrades are in response to the needs our customers identified during support calls and while attending our highly popular user group meetings."

The company's Spinoff program, which creates a comma-separated file with cost results for all loads for one or more periods, now includes information such as driver wages and fuel breakdowns.

TCG made improvements to its Fuel-On-The-Fly feature to now display a "Source of Average Fuel Price" for labels such as "DOE National On-Highway Average," or "FCA/NATC Weekly Canadian Average," for those wishing to enter a fuel price to adjust costs.

With the new version, carriers can now view year-to-date data sets for lane reports, which rank lanes by most revenue, most profit, and least profit.

Another added feature includes a Broker Freight Filter within the Report Writer capability. The new feature prompts users each time a report is run whether to include freight moved via brokers.

TCG also introduced new monthly costing routines to better identify and apply the cost of returning empties by rail. New tools have also been added to set the rail pay code if it is not identified separately in the linehaul data.

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