Independent owner-operators can now receive health and worker's compensation insurance coverage through Allegiant Professional Business Services.
The package is available for a combined monthly fee.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the owner-operator sector accounts for about 315,000 drivers, who independently serve a variety of businesses or lease their services and trucks to larger trucking companies.

"In recent years, many states have increased the insurance requirements for truckers, making it difficult for them to find Workers Compensation coverage as independent truckers," said David Goldberg, Allegiant's CEO. "Along with our strategic partner, AMS Outsourcing, APRO will make available an individual Workers Compensation policy to independent drivers. We are targeting one percent of the available market of 315,000 owner-operators."

"Entry into this market is part one of the company's strategies to provide truckers with the types of benefits normally found in Fortune 500 companies," said Niven Bonar, Allegiant's chief operating officer. "APRO will be able to administer billings and payments for the truckers as well as benefits such as debit cards, dental plans, credit clean-up, legal plans and vision plans."

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