CHS has introduced a fully synthetic diesel engine oil that gives fleets a new tool for increasing fuel economy and engine protection while reducing their carbon footprint.

The newest addition to the Cenex family of lubricants, Maxtron Enviro-Edge SAE 5W-40 demonstrated up to 1.2 percent fuel savings in dynamometer tests, compared to conventional 15W-40 engine oils. Tests also showed exceptional engine-wear protection, according to the company. Maxtron Enviro-Edge exceeded the industry standard performance level in the Mack T-12 engine test by 44 percent.

In addition, the product helps fleet managers control oil consumption, a common challenge associated with lighter-viscosity oils used in heavy-duty diesel engines. Testing shows Maxtron Enviro-Edge also offers fleets the ability to extend drains.

CHS technical experts note that although lower viscosity oils like this are commonly used in Europe, some truck owners in the U.S. have concerns about the durability of lighter-weight oils. But between the formulation of the full synthetic base stock and a robust additive package, they say, the company has addressed potential concerns about oil consumption and shear.

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