Navman Wireless North America has designed a new commercial-grade, in-cab device with GPS, dispatch and messaging capabilities for the trucking industry.
An upgrade from the company's previous version, the M-Nav 750 has a more rugged, 4.3-inch touchscreen, an exclusive five-year warranty and vehicle class-based routing.

While the device has the same dispatch, mapping and messaging capabilities as the first version, the new unit has routing based on truck attributes such as length and weight, and a driver ID functionality that automatically reports driver hours as well as analysis of speed, mileage and other attributes. The updated version was also enhanced with a five-year warranty and a smart cradle that eliminates ports, wires and points of failure.

The M-Nav 750 also features the SirfStarIII GPS and RoHS/WEE compliance. The system can be connected to other Navman offerings, including the OnlineAVL2 desktop-based real-time vehicle tracking and reporting software and the Qube vehicle-mounted tracking device.

"The strength of the M-Nav unit has always been the ability to seamlessly dispatch the nearest vehicle to a job and simultaneously map the route without needing separate devices," said Renaat Ver Eecke, vice president of Navman. "For the first time, fleet managers have a durable unit built to stand up to the harsh commercial vehicle environment, plus new features like vehicle-class routing that can have a tangible impact on the bottom line."

The M-Nav 750 is available through a monthly lease program.

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