Caterpillar has unveiled a line of Precious Metals In-frame Overhaul Kits for on-highway engines, including four new options designed for 3406E, C-15, and C-16 engine models.

With a one-year parts warranty, these kits include all parts necessary for a variety of repairs, including basic repairs as well as complete in-frame overhauls. Extended Service Coverage is also available for up to four years, with no mileage or hour limitations. The company is working on kits to serve additional engine models.

"This offering is significant in that it's really going to help our customers extend the life of their Cat engine in the way that meets their needs and application," said George Taylor, general manager of Caterpillar Global On-Highway. "Previously, technicians or parts personnel would have to list and order each individual part for an overhaul. For convenience, we've packaged it, and we've improved the pricing."

The new line of kits come in four levels-bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each kit also features high-efficiency Cat oil and fuel filters, exhaust manifold sleeves and studs, thermostats, new hold-down bolts and O-ring seals for fuel injectors and the necessary upper- and lower-level seals and gaskets.

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