Continental Tire North America has released a new version of its Heavy Steer Regional tire, HSR2, with four-rib design and improved tire life.

"The HSR2's proven four-rib design takes stability to a new level and offers a 15 percent increase in removal miles over the original HSR," said Clif Armstrong, director of commercial vehicle tire marketing for Continental in the Americas. "Yet, our regional haul customers can expect this new tire to continue our leadership in durable, even-wearing tires."

The new model features compound technology that provides tread endurance and optimal performance. The HSR2 is also equipped with groove geometry that allows the use of more complex groove designs by tunneling under the groove features.

"This new technology allows for more aggressive groove designs which are less likely to tear or crack at the groove bottom," said Roger Stansbie, director of Continental's radial truck tire technologies at NAFTA. "The groove base remains straight and avoids the stress risers that often result from a zigzag-type design."

The HSR2 is also built with VAI+, the next step in Continental's Visual Alignment Indicator system. The plus symbol represents the useful remaining tread depth as the tire wears, providing constant visual representation on the tread surface. The indicators alert the driver that it's time to consider tire removal or movement.

"This patent-pending feature is not only an early warning system for alignment problems," said Stansbie. "Now, with the additional features of VAI+, these tread wear indicators will be beneficial throughout the truck tire's entire first life cycle."

Other enhancements of the HSR2 include the stone ejection system, an enhanced sidewall design, a curb/scuff rib to fight damage from curbing and abrasions and 23/32 inches of tread depth.

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