Robocom Systems has introduced its R-Load Optimizer to help managers improve their outbound load operations.
The system can reduce the total number of loads required by maximizing load sizes, reducing freight costs.

The R-Load Optimizer downloads customer orders from the enterprise resource planning system into Robocom's Warehouse Management System. It connects to this open order file, where the outbound load planner chooses the weight and cube capacity for the trailer. The manager can then organize open orders by lanes, regions, default route codes or required ship dates.

Users can see how much weight and cube is being used and how much is remaining in the trailer. Once a load configuration has been completed, the information goes to the Warehouse Management System so that the people on the warehouse floor can properly load the trailers.

By pre-planning how loads are going to be configured, this ensures that loads are going to fit properly, the company says. Because trailer weight is not exceeded, there should be no reloading or fines after going through scales.

Robocom Systems International provides supply chain execution software and services.

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