The transportation industry can do away with on/off switches as a result of Grote Industries's new 12-volt version of its S100 LED WhiteLight surface-mount dome lamp with infrared motion activation.

"This dome lamp completely eliminates the need for an on-off switch and all the associated parts, problems and installation time. The lamp is easy to mount, install and operate and we expect the North American market to be very receptive," said Mike Grote, business development manager of forward and interior lighting at Grote.

The 12-volt version has the passive infrared motion sensor in the lamp body, calibrated to pick up heat when a person moves within 6 feet. The light turns on automatically, so there is no need for an independent switch. It will shut off after three minutes of no movement.

"It's a smart choice for customers wanting optimal, energy-efficient LED illumination on demand," Grote said. "Hunting for a switch can now be a thing of the past, and installers and vehicle maintenance staff will like the fact that we've eliminated the switch and with it, the related installation, loose wire and corrosion issues."

The dome lamps are made with high-impact, UV-stabilized polycarbonate. With a 15-millimeter profile, the lamps can lower the potential of objects colliding. They produce a 300-lumen output with low amperage draw and minimal heat generation, the company says.

The lamp will most likely work well in dry vans, utility vans, moving trucks and delivery vehicles. While the company does not recommend the lamp be used in refrigerated compartments, Grote expects to roll out a similar lamp for refrigeration.

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