Burnett Insurance is teaming up with Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics and Homeland Healthcare to provide sleep apnea diagnosis and single payer integrated insured wellness to the trucking industry.

Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics provides commercial driver screening, diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, which affects about 1.8 million commercial drivers on the road, according to Burnett. The company has a network of accredited sleep labs designed to accommodate commercial drivers and their needs. Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics currently provides specialized apnea programs for Schneider National and Swift, and include screening, testing, treatment and compliance monitoring.

Burnett will also partner with Homeland Healthcare to provide insured wellness and health plan administration. The company's products offer insurance limits and broad coverage that is affordable, according to Burnett.

Burnett also recently launched HealthPass, its suite of motor carrier fleet medical compliance solutions. "HealthPass is a real value strategy designed for 100 percent fleet efficiency and medical compliance that will impact total cost of risk across multiple lines," said Terry Burnett, president.

These initiatives can help reduce medical costs, as sleep apnea can cause hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, three of the most costly health expenditures among truck drivers, Burnett says.

More info: www.burnettins.com