Volvo Trucks North America has launched a new web site,, designed to educate customers on its selective catalytic reduction emissions technology, a system that meets the new EPA regulations for 2010.
The website explains how SCR improves fuel efficiency, lowers operating costs and eliminates the need for active regeneration of the diesel particulate filter.

The new site features links and documents, outlining specific aspects of SCR, and a video presentation by Ed Saxman, Volvo product manager. There are also fact sheets about SCR components and diesel exhaust fluid. The site also looks at the benefits of SCR versus the disadvantages massive exhaust gas recirculation.

Volvo customers provided written and video testimonials on using SCR, including those from a fleet operator and a long-haul driver. It also contains news reports from the industry, showing interest and support, and a link to another SCR information website sponsored by truck and engine manufacturers, suppliers and industry organizations.