The new IntelliStick Fleet Communications Pack automatically detects individual IntelliStick oil condition monitors when fleet vehicles "return-to-barn," sending updated data to the maintenance supervisor.

A graph representing each vehicle's data displays loss of oil additives, oxidation, water contamination, and fluid temperature.

IntelliStick is a patented innovation in real-time oil-condition monitoring that continuously reports information vital to protecting critical engine parts. It scans for water, fuel and coolant intrusion, monitors oil condition, and triggers alarms based on customer specifications.

The Fleet Communications Pack is ideal for delivery fleets, trash/waste haulers and similar fleet operations with six or more IntelliStick devices installed. The Communications Pack communicates by Bluetooth between the central location and IntelliStick devices within a range of up to 300 feet. The hardware and software combination brings critical data to the supervisor, ensuring fewer missed inspections.

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