Vigillo announced the inclusion of the Safety Status Measurement System on its Scorecard Suite of management reports.
SafeStat makes it easier for trucking companies to view information used to measure the relative safety fitness of interstate commercial motor carriers.

SafeStat is an automated analysis system that lets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration quantify, monitor and evaluate the relative safety status of individual motor carriers with respect to the rest of the motor carrier population.

"With this new capability, fleets can use the information to further lower risk in their own organizations, and more simply and accurately present safety data to their customers, without requiring any work to access SafeStat data for analysis," said CEO Steven Bryan.

The system analyzes data in four different areas, including accident, driver, vehicle and safety management, using up to 30 months of motor carrier safety and normalizing data. The data from these four areas is then combined into an overall safety status assessment, known as a SafeStat score.

Carriers can test drive SafeStat data in their suite of reports for 60 days. Customers that sign up for the service can include publicly accessible data for a fee of 10 cents per driver per month. For 25 cents per driver a month, customers can include private data, which adds accident and driver detail.

Vigillo offers a web-based risk management platform for the delivery of policies, forms, training, assessments, and management reports to the trucking industry.

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