PeopleNet and Iteris announced a new partnership allowing driver performance information captured by Iteris' Lane Departure Warning system to be sent to fleet operators in real time.

Safety Direct analyzes driver performance data captured by Iteris' AutoVue Lane Departure Warning system. This driver performance information can now be delivered directly to fleet operators through integration with PeopleNet's onboard and mobile communications systems and Iteris' Safety Direct data server.

"This integrated solution enables driver performance information, such as excessive curve speed or lane changes without using a turn signal, to be collected by Safety Direct, transmitted through PeopleNet's onboard computer to Safety Direct's web portal, and accessed by fleet operators," explains Abbas Mohaddes, Iteris' president and chief executive officer. In addition, these events can be combined with PeopleNet's driver log information to provide fleet and safety managers with tools to identify driver-specific behavior and patterns.

Research conducted by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) revealed that 58 percent of total automotive-based fatalities were related to lane departures in 2006. The organization estimates that a lane departure occurs every 21 minutes in the United States. Iteris' Safety Direct and AutoVue Lane Departure Warning systems are part of a comprehensive suite of active safety driver assistance features that help to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes and the severity of crash-related injuries.

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