J J. Keller Mobile, an on-board recorder and web-based reporting and management system, has completed a series of hours-of-service and performance reporting enhancements.

Over the past several months the J.J. Keller Mobile service has been enhanced to include; driver and vehicle scorecard reports, performance summaries, and annual summaries and comparisons. Users now use a more intuitive log grid, showing minute-to-minute accuracy for daily hours-of-service compliance. Both drivers and managers can see available hours through the Internet or their cell phone or laptop.

Additional enhancements to J.J. Keller Mobile include the ability to set company thresholds for performance-related data including MPG, hard brakes, speed and duration of daily idle time.

"J.J. Keller Mobile's new enhancements allow companies to better manage driver behavior," stated Amy Daley, CTP, J.J. Keller Mobile product manager. "Businesses can see details to identify potential risks, but what is important is to work towards managing those exceptions, such as a hard brake incident, which will have a direct impact on improving overall driver safety."