HDX Services introduced the HDX FAX-to-EDI service, an Internet-based, heavy duty industry-specific service that converts faxed documents into standard EDI documents.

HDX FAX-to-EDI is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, requiring no additional hardware or software - just a standard Internet connection and existing EDI software.

"The implementation of EDI has helped heavy duty truck companies achieve significant benefits by reducing manual processes. However, many companies still deal with a large number of inbound paper documents from their small to medium-sized trading partners who are not EDI-capable," explained Edward Kuo, executive director of HDX Services.

"Processing a faxed order or invoice is a time-consuming and error-filled process," Kuo says. "HDX FAX-to-EDI reduces the time and cost associated with receiving faxed documents by automatically converting them to industry standard EDI transactions. HDX created an affordable, industry-wide solution that prevents companies from having to address this problem individually."

HDX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Datalliance.