Miller Electric introduced the Wildcat 200 welder generator, which offers professional welding power and performance in a compact, lightweight package.

It features a fully enclosed case that protects the engine and internal welding components from damage by falling objects, dust and debris, and is capable of producing 6,500 watts of peak generator power and 200-amp DC Stick and TIG welding output.

The Wildcat 200 weighs 345 pounds and is 30 percent smaller than other models, providing owners with increased work truck storage space and fuel efficiency. It uses a 14-horsepower Subaru engine. The seven-gallon gas tank provides 12 hours of run time using a 1/8-inch stick electrode, allowing the unit to put in over a full day's work without needing to be refueled.

A simple-to-use interface makes the Wildcat 200 easy to set up and operate. Users can select the amperage range and electrode type using a coarse range switch and then adjust the fine control dial to tune-in the optimal arc. It also features a front panel ignition switch and a back-up recoil start in the rear to ensure consistent and reliable starting every time.

The Wildcat 200 offers an Auto-Idle feature that automatically senses when the unit is not being used and reduces fuel consumption and noise levels. It features a single 220V outlet and four 120V outlets to run a variety of tools and accessories.

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