Jerr-Dan introduced its new 50-Ton Integrated Wrecker, a large-capacity, integrated recovery and towing system featuring the longest boom of any integrated wrecker.

The Integrated Wrecker's boom offers a 174-inch reach past the tailboard at 0 degrees, as well as a capacity of 30,000 pounds when fully extended at 30 degrees. The wrecker delivers an underlift with a standard reach of 141 inches at 17,000 pounds when fully extended, and 53,000 pounds when retracted. To handle difficult vehicles, such as motor coaches and fire trucks, the available coach boom offers a 180-inch reach and a capacity of 17,600 pounds at full extension, and 56,500 pounds when fully retracted.

The wrecker has a positive vertical lift feature, which allows immediate clearance of under chassis obstructions, and enables easier pick-up of vehicles with low-positioned oil pans on the first lift, thereby avoiding "double picks."

Incorporating a two-piece "C" channel construction design, the wrecker boom offers lighter weight without sacrificing strength or performance. The weight of the two-section boom, including the UL530 underlift, is 23,500 pounds - lighter than the model it replaces.

The corrosion-resistant composite body panels are more impact resistant than steel, and the modular design allows for panel and section replacement that results in less expensive and easier repairs. The bonded body panels also allow for flex, which reduces body stress and cracks.

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