Actron, Cleveland, Ohio, introduced the IR Thermometer Pro non-contact temperature reader, which safely measures surface temperatures of hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects.

Technicians can use the thermometer to detect overheating electrical components, pinpoint radiator core restrictions, and read the temperature of exhaust systems, electronics, cylinder heads, catalytic converters, heating and cooling systems, radiators, air-conditioning systems and brakes.

The thermometer uses an optical lens to provide highly accurate measurements over wide temperature ranges. The unit features S.O.C. (System-On-Chip) technology, which allows a complete IR design to be incorporated on a single chip, providing a lightweight unit that weighs only half a pound.

The infrared thermometer measures temperature by sensing the magnitude of radiated energy at infrared frequencies. Using this data and the actual temperature of the detector, the thermometer calculates the temperature of the surface that emitted the energy.

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